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Championships Hosting Requirements

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Guidelines for Local Association Hosting

PA State USBC WBA Championship Tournament and Annual Meeting

  1. The Local Association should submit the invitation on or before September 1, FOUR (4) years prior to the year of the events to the PA State USBC WBA Association Manager.  The invitation should include the name(s) of hotel/motel or other facility that meets the requirements to seat delegates.  PA State USBC WBA Board of Directors shall review each invitation received.

This written invitation must include annual meeting facilities (hotel/motel or other facility – list as many  as are available) and bowling facilities available that meet tournament requirements.  Number of bowling facilities submitted is not limited

  1. The PA State USBC WBA Championship Tournament shall be bowled in two establishments; 16 or more lanes for team event and 24 or more lanes for doubles/singles event(s).  However, the largest bowling establishment will be considered first, unless the establishment(s) do not meet the requirements to host the state tournament.  The selection of lanes shall be left to the discretion of the PA State USBC WBA Tournament Manager.
  1. A letter must be included with your bid letter from each interested owner, or someone authorized, to quote a price per game that the PA State USBC WBA will be charged from each establishment available to host the Championship Tournament.
  1. The city must have available an air-conditioned assembly room that can comfortably seat at least 200 delegates and members for the Annual Meeting and dinner seating for 200 for the Awards Dinner.  The Awards dinner is the responsibility of the PA State USBC WBA. 
  1. There must be adequate hotel and/or motel facilities for the duration of the tournament.
  1. The state president and the association manager shall select the tournament headquarters.
Please contact the State President or Association Manager with any questions that may arise. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses are included on the state association website and are also listed below:


Donna Shaw, President                                     Susan Kresge, Association Manager

17 Chapman Lake Road                                     234 White Church Road

Scott Township, PA 18447                                 Saylorsburg, PA 18353

570-254-9389                                                 570-629-6822                                                              

Revised 10/15